Palmistry: An Art of Future Prediction

Palmistry Palmistry is an art of telling future through the thorough study of both your hands.palmistry can tell you what is going to happen in your life.

Usually one finds it difficult to decide what to do in life, when they find themselves in a decisive mode its difficult to decide what career option to pick, which boy/girl to marry with, which career profession to pick for better and bright career. All this questions can be answered with ease with the help of Palmistry. Yes you heard it right!!! Palmistry can take you out of your dilemma situation and help you to decide the right thing for you. It can make you have a fruitful life. read moreRead more on Palmistry



The Earth, revolves once upon its own axis in each 24 hours, causes the whole of the 12 Sign of the Zodiac in their turn to pass over each other portion of the Earth ...

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Numerology is the science of Numbers which reveals the immense power of numbers. Each letter has a numeric value that provides a vibration. The sum of the numbers...

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Graphology is the study of all kind of graphic movements, Graphology is the study of handwriting along with doodles, drawing, sculptures & painting in order to get insight... More on Graphology

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Zodiac Signs Graphology Birth Numbers
Aries Libra Slant Speed Birth Number-1 Birth Number-7
Taurus Scorpio Base Line Garland Birth Number-2 Birth Number-8
Gemini Sagittarius Margin Arcades Birth Number-3 Birth Number-9
Cancer Capricorn Spacing Angles Birth Number-4 Lucky Number
Leo Aquarius Pressure Threading Birth Number-5 Name Number
Virgo Pisces Size Report Birth Number-6 Alphabet No
  • Cancerians are excellent in journalism!! what is your expertise!!! read more
  • C denotes:- Optimistic, positive, energetic, what does your name mean?  read more
  • Lucky & Compatible Number for Birth Number- read more
    • There are seven important lines on the hand  Palmistryread more
    • Travel Lines are the indicator of the trips taken throughout the life  Palmistryread more
    • The Line of Sun is the line of brilliancy or the line of Success. Palmistryread more
    • Librans usually suffer from depression, kidney problem & nervousness read more
    • Pressure is the amount of force one exert while writing. Pressure more
  • The mind line indicates the mentality, intellectual strength more

heart-line     mind-line    sun-line    ring of solomon    Marriage-Line

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Health-Line A strong and undisturbed Health Line, it gives a strong business sense as well as the strength to work hard to make
Marriage Line
Marriage is indicated by the little line that are located just below the base of the little
Fate Line
Fate Line may rise anywhere in the palm, It may rise from the line of life, the wrist, the mount of Luna, the line of head or even the line of

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